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Why Choose Hedgecraft Herbals

"Herbal medicine is people's medicine" - Susun Weed

When we hurt, we want healing. When we're down, we want to feel better. 
We are each born with an innate ability to heal, and while modern medicine has a place, in the wise woman tradition we seek to
nourish the body as a whole so that we can manifest our own healing.

Hedgecraft Herbals products are intended to nourish and support those innate healing abilities we each possess.

My products are freshly handmade in small batches and it can take up to two weeks for items to be created
BEFORE they are shipped or available for pick up.
I am a solopreneur, wife, and mom  - - which means I sometimes get behind despite my best efforts.
If it's been a while and you need an update, please ask and I'll let you know where I'm at with your order.

I am also still in the process of creating this website and adding product images.  If you need assistance with your order please contact me.