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Retreating To A Safe Place

Posted by Sarah Stogryn on

I had a few errands to run today, but not a lot of time, so decided to try W******t first in the hope I could get everything in one place.  I wore Levi into the store in my Peanut Shell carrier (Which I scored for $20, brand new, from the local consignment store, and I had store credit so it cost me $0 out of pocket. Woo!  Deal of the week.  Lol).

I did the usual – put Levi in the cart, handed him a straw cup filled with water, and headed down the aisles.  Within a couple minutes he was *desperate* to have *everything* in sight.  Reaching, pointing, making his little “EH” sound that means “I want”.  I tried distracting him but nothing worked for more than a few seconds. He was increasingly agitated and not his normal laid-back self at all. This only lasted a few minutes though.  He picked up the Peanut Shell and gave it to me, started tugging at his seat belt, and reached for me.  He’d had enough.  He wanted out. I popped him in the carrier and wore him for the remaining 40 minutes in the store.  And not once from my arms did he reach, point, or “want”.  It was clear that he had been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice, of stuff, and of stimulation, in Walmart… So he reached for the security of Mama’s arms.  He needed to be where he felt safe. He needed distance and protection from the chaos. 

I got to thinking that we adults aren’t so different. Except that instead of retreating to a safe place and connecting with our roots when we’re overwhelmed, we tend to just plunge onward.  And it seems to me too, that the more choices we have, and the more ‘stuff’ we see, the less satisfied we are with where we’re at, and what we already have.    I ought to consider taking a lesson from my son, and retreat to a safe place when feeling overwhelmed or discontented...

P.S.  I know I know.  W*****t is evil.  And they didn't even have everything I needed. Next time I'll remember that and SHOP LOCAL!



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