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Double Butter Premium Soap

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"Double Butter" premium handcrafted soap contains 15% organic shea butter, 10% organic cocoa butter, organic sunflower, coconut, and castor oils. If you can't decide whether you like Shea Baby or Cocoa Baby better, Double Butter might be your answer. ;)

While most soaps contain only 5-8% premium ingredients like cocoa or shea butter, Double Butter has a whopping 25% in each generously sized bar, so your skin is nourished as its cleansed. Each bar is a minimum 125g (4.4oz) cut weight and is superfatted to ensure that after the grime is washed away, protective moisture is left behind.

I now make my soap using the old-fashioned hot process method (gentle heat to complete saponification) and modern tools (crockpot + stick blender. Lol No need to stir for hours over an open fire these days!). The hot process method results in a bar that's ready to use in days instead of weeks, which is every bit as gentle as cold-processed because of the naturally retained glycerin and carefully chosen ingredients, and is just a little more rustic looking. The rustic look is okay with me as I'm not one for swirls or fancy things anyway!