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Skin Soothe Balm

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A truly multi-purpose balm, Skin Soothe is the first product I created and remains the most popular in no small part due to it's effectiveness, pain free application, and multitude of uses for people in all ages and stages of life.

Skin Soothe is a silky creamy dream to apply even to very fragile, dry, or damaged skin without making it greasy, heavy or irritated.

Every jar of SkinSoothe is made - - of course!! - - with love and plant magic but now also includes a small crystal on top to amplify all the lovely healing energy it contains <3 Clear quartz is what you'll see most often but gold rutile quartz also makes an appearance from time to time. 

Organic* sunflower oil infused with organic/wildcrafted jewelweed, calendula*, lavender*, marshmallow* & plantain*; coconut oil*, beeswax*, jojoba oil*, zinc oxide.

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