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Clearance Sale

7 years ago I launched the first of my facial care products - Radiance Cleansing Oil. It was gentle, safe, effective, and left you with skin like silk. Radiance was followed by Fresh Face Toner, Dewdrops, Rosedrops, and most recently, Glow Grains (Pink, and Charcoal).

Even though I have loved each of these products, they're not my favorites. Yes. I have favorites. lol. And even though I have  customers who have loved my facial care products, the facial care line isn't a best-selling customer favorite either. 

As for my natural deodorants, they have gone through a few changes over the years, always tweaking for that best balance of effective and gentle.  Much like the facial care line though - my deodorants are good, but not my favorite products.

Lately I've been feeling the pull to streamline my products. Not because certain things aren't good, but because I want to focus on the products I LOVE making and which stir a sense of "I can't WAIT for my customer to receive this healing goodness"! inside me when I make them. 

So -- I am discontinuing my facial care line and natural deodorants. I have a few items still in stock which I am offering at a 30% discount which will be automatically calculated for you at checkout. If you can't add the item to your cart, it means it has already sold out. 

If you are one of the customers who has loved my facial care or deodorant products - - thanks for choosing Hedgecraft Herbals <3. I hope you'll continue to love all the other goodness Hedgecraft Herbals has to offer <3