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Spell Bottle Kits

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Each Spell Bottle Kit contains:

a 2.5" glass bottle filled with hand selected crystals and herbs unique to each bottles purpose, wrapped in tissue, marked with a sigil, and sealed with knot magic. 

herbal protection powder for casting a circle, marked with a sigil (cornstarch, clove, and lavender)

bay leaf for your own written intention, symbol, sigil, or rune

beeswax candle for meditation and sealing the bottle

information about each herb & crystal in your Spell Bottle

instructions for use & ritual/meditation 


Each component of the Kit is individually cleansed and charged. The Spell Bottle itself is wrapped with tissue paper and tied with cotton string using knot magic to seal it for the intended user, and the Kit contents are packaged in a reusable bag, sealed with knot magic, then charged for the specific user before shipping/pick up. 

The Spell Bottles currently available are Healing, Love, Money, and Protection. 

If you would like a custom bottle created for you, this is available for an additional service fee. Please contact me for details.

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