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Solamentum Chest Balm

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Solamentum: to comfort, soothe, relieve, assuage (make less intense)... 

Solamentum Chest Balm is a unique vapourless alternative to traditional "vapour rubs", made using whole organic or wildcrafted herbs infused into sunflower oil, jojoba oil, and with a touch of beeswax for creamy drip-free ease of application. When you're tired and under the weather, or caring for someone who is, Solamentum Chest Balm combined with loving touch is the comfort in a jar you want to reach for.

Traditional vapour-based balms, even natural essential oils ones, are designed to be inhaled to create a feeling of openness in the respiratory system. The feeling is a familiar one for many, BUT because essential oils are so concentrated caution is needed for young children and people with respiratory vulnerabilities like asthma and allergies.  

Solamentum Chest Balm is different. I've chosen herbs that have been traditionally used topically to nurture your body when experiencing feelings of congestion, inflammation, and pain. Made with cottonwood, bee balm, goldenrod, mullein, rosemary, and yarrow, Solamentum Chest Balm can be used around the ears, on sinuses, throat, chest, back or feet as needed and desired. 

Each jar is topped with a hand selected piece of Mookaite Jasper. Mookaite is is believed to energetically comfort, soothe, and assuage stress and negativity. It is believed to bring a sense of peace and calm, supporting your immune system, and grounding and connecting you to the Earth's healing energy. 

Important Notes:
When using a new topical skin care product, performing a patch test is wise, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

If your newborn or young infant is experiencing congestion or pain I highly recommend consulting with a trusted healthcare professional to rule out serious concerns. Some newborn nasal congestion is normal due to the small size of their nasal passage but this type of congestion does not require treatment or intervention. Using sterile saline and a nasal aspirator to help clear dried mucous would be a more appropriate choice. 

If pre-existing medical concerns or allergies exist, please research the suitability of this product/the ingredients for your needs, and discontinue use if any concerns arise, consulting a trusted professional as needed. 

While I have chosen the herbals in this formula with intention, I can't say that the products I make carry specific properties as they have not been tested as such and don't meet the legal requirements for me to make any claims of efficacy.

My products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease but rather, to nurture and support with love and plant magic, your body's own innate healing ability.

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