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Summer Cycle: Pregnancy Support Tea

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This gentle blend is designed to nourish the body and soul of childbearing persons as they engage in the monumental task of growing a human. Like all Hedgecraft Herbals teas, Summer Cycle is naturally caffeine-free.

Many people today think of red raspberry leaf as a tea to promote labour, but that is not really accurate. RRL is more like yoga for your uterus. Just as a long walk will not initiate labour unless you are on the verge of labour anyway, RRL does not initiate labour unless you are on the verge of labour anyway. And just as walking and yoga have benefits all throughout pregnancy for most people, so to does RRL! Which is why it's included as a small but valuable part of this synergistic and supportive tea blend. Your body is wise and wonderful. Please listen to her/their whisperings and consume Summer Cycle in whatever quantity feels best to you, and discontinue if you find your uterus to be irritable or undesired effects occur. 
Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy journey. ❤

Organic*/Wildcrafted: alfalfa*, nettle*, red raspberry leaf*, red rooibos*, rosehips*, spearmint*. 

*Traditionally considered beneficial for all stages of pregnancy, and breastfeeding