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Elderberry Syrup Dry Mix

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Organic/Wildcrafted Ingredients:
elderberry, elderflower, mullein, cinnamon, ginger, rosehips.

If you can make a cup of tea, or drain the water off a pot of pasta - - you can make your own elderberry syrup. Fill it with your own loving healing magical intentions, control the sweetener content, and save money (approx $0.04/mL including honey) compared to the cost of commercially prepared syrup (approx $0.12/mL). All you need is a pot, strainer, included filter, clean water, clean jar, and real honey* or preferred sweetener. 

Bring 2 cups of fresh water to boil in a pot.  Remove paper filter from bag. Add entire contents of Elderberry Syrup Dry Mix to the pot and reduce heat.  Gently simmer uncovered for 30 min or until the volume is reduced to approximately 1 cup.  Mash gently with potato masher or fork.  Strain through strainer lined with included filter to collect fine mullein fibers & **Collect the Liquid** (approx 1 cup).  Allow liquid to cool till warm. 

Add 1 cup of pure Canadian honey* or sweetener of your choice in lower quantity if desired & stir till dissolved. Pour into a very clean/sterile glass jar & store covered in the fridge for 4+ weeks. Pour each serving out or use a very clean spoon. Do not double dip or drink from the jar. Shelf life may be reduced if the jar is contaminated at any point or if a lower amount of honey/sweetener is used.

The original kit and/or leftover herbs after making syrup can be used for a homemade tincture, glycerite, or oxymel, or to make tea for popsicles. The syrup can be used as the basis for gummies.

Important Information:

Children under 1yo should not consume honey, even when heated or cooked, due to the risk of infant botulism.

If pre-existing medical concerns or allergies exist, please research the suitability of this product/the ingredients for your needs, and discontinue use if any concerns arise, consulting a trusted professional as needed. 

While I have chosen the herbals in this formula with intention, I can't say the products I make carry specific properties as they have not been tested as such and don't meet the legal requirements for me to make any claims of efficacy.

My products are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease but rather, to nurture and support with love and plant magic, your body's own innate healing ability.

Some people choose to take a small amount of elderberry syrup daily at the times of year they feel vulnerable to common respiratory illnesses, while others choose only to take it after a known exposure to illness or at the first sign of illness. Elderberry Syrup is not an immune "booster", and is not a substitute for scientifically established illness prevention measures, medical evaluation, or treatment. 

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