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About Hedgecraft Herbals...

Hedgecraft Herbals products are made in the wise woman tradition, and my goal is for my creations to awaken and nurture your body's innate ability to heal itself. 

Hedgecraft Herbals products are not medical or pharmaceutical in nature. They are intended to nourish and support the innate healing abilities we each possess in body and soul, using wildcrafted or organic ingredients when available. I do not use essential oils in any of my products as their extremely concentrated nature, negative environmental impact, and dependence on commercial availability are not in keeping with the wise woman tradition I practice within or my own values and ethics. Instead, I infuse whole plant parts into plant carrier oils to create a gentle herbal product where the whole is greater than the mere sum of parts. I do not use any plants which are endangered or threatened. 

I believe each of us is born with innate knowledge of what is essential to our well-being. All that we need to be happy, healthy, and whole is encoded within. Our bodies know exactly what is right for us and exactly how to heal our illnesses, injuries, and issues. This is especially true during the childbearing years as we hope, grow, grieve, birth, nurture, and love our selves, our families (in all their forms), and our communities. In the wise woman tradition we seek to nourish the body, mind, and soul so this innate KNOWING can come to life, even when it is buried under a lifetime of hurt, hardship, or trauma.  My work as a birthkeeper happens in keeping with these same beliefs, and is most often expressed through my writing these days which can be found here on my website under Hedgenotes as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Hedgecraft Herbals & Birthkeeping, by Sarah Stogryn is about healing birth and earth, leaning into the light we each contain, leaning out of systems that cause us harm, and bringing nature’s healing wisdom home.

If you have a known or suspected allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient/family, please do not use products which contain that ingredient.  If you are uncomfortable with the effects of a given product, or experience unwanted effects, please discontinue use and seek out appropriate care. If pre-existing conditions are present please use with caution and after proper research as to the appropriateness of the product for you. If concerns arise at any time, please consult with a trusted healthcare professional.

Please note also that these products are designed to nourish and support your body in its own innate healing process, to  promote an overall sense of well-being. They are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure diseases or conditions, and they have not been tested by any agency - federal or otherwise.