What's new at Hedgecraft Herbals


If you're a long-time customer you may notice my prices have undergone a substantial change. There have been huge increases in the cost of my supplies over the last few years and because I have always kept my profit margin substantially lower than good business practice advises lol and have not ever accounted for my own labour costs, I have used up all my wiggle room and then some. I'm also unwilling to compromise the premium quality you've come to expect by using cheap filler ingredients or essential oils. I truly couldn't hold off any longer on price increases that will allow me to keep running. 

Of course if you've used my products before you know a little Hedgecraft Herbals plant magic goes a long long way. <3

You may also notice some familiar products missing. With the exception of NipOil Balm and 8 Maids tea, I have discontinued my pregnancy and postpartum specific products. Hedgecraft Herbals began as an extension of my work as a birth doula, but I essentially retired as a doula in 2017 and have grown in my understanding of what whole plant medicine truly means. It was high time I shifted focus. Hedgecraft Herbals now offers "plant magic for body and soul". <3 I've started adding information to each of my product listings about both the physical and magical/energetic properties of the herbs and ingredients used and am also working on an extensive digital materia medica + magicka with the goal of creating a book to make whole plant herbal information more readily accessible. Because knowledge is power and "herbal medicine is the people's medicine"

Happy Shopping!
Summer Blessings to you <3