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I'm often asked where someone can learn more about things like herbal healing, cannabis medicine in Canada, homeopathy, reflexology, meditation/mindfulness, and natural remedies/wellness.   I've compiled this list of all my favorite sites and hope you find it as helpful as I have over the years.

If you're looking for resources specific to pregnancy, postpartum, or parenting, please scroll to the bottom where you can click the respective links.
I hope you find what you need!

General Wellness: 

Aviva Romm: Own Your Health, Change The World

Growing Up Herbal

Learning Herbs: Free Home Remedies & Learning Experiences

Mommypotamus: Natural Health Research & DIY Remedies

Nutritious Movement: You Are How You Move

Pathways To Family Wellness



Cell Salts - Miranda Castro

Homeopathy Centre - Information For Families

The Homeopathic (Pregnancy) Blog

Bach Flower Remedies For Kids

Bach Flower Remedies - The Bach Center

Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul with Flower Essences - Dr Kelly Brogan

Mindfulness & Meditation:

Getting Started With Mindfulness 

Teaching Mindfulness to Children


Reflexology Intro & How To - B & K Kunz

Helping Your Family With Reflexology

Reflexology 101

Respiratory Flu, Coughs, & Colds:

A Complete (Natural) Guide Of Remedies For Coughs - Natural Mother Magazine

Onion Poultice For Deep Seated Coughs

Therapeutic Hot Foot Soak

Warming Sock Treatment - The Natural Path

Vanquish The Flu With Elderberry

Pregnancy Resources
Postpartum Resources
Parenting Resources