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Autumn Protection Spell Bottle

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Cleansed with sound, filled with intention, charged with purpose, sealed with knot magic and a carnelian gemstone bead… all ready for you to complete the spell and make it your own. This spell bottle draws on the heat and light of fire elements (with a touch of water element to reflect or cool as needed), much like we use physical fire in the dark of night outdoors to protect us against predators.

Includes 20mL spell bottle filled with carnelian, calendula, rosemary, yarrow, and chili pepper, pure beeswax chime candle, spellwork instructions, and 'materia magicka', all inside a small reusable cotton muslin bag. 

Please remember that magic is not predictable and specific results cannot be guaranteed -in any way-. Magical workings such as this are designed to provide energetic support and are not a replacement for common sense, good decision making, or professional guidance and assistance of any kind, magical or mundane. 



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