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Eight Maids Tea

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Eight Maids contains 8 of mother nature's 'plant helpers' in a unique flavourful blend to nourish body and soul as you work to produce breastmilk. 

Please note that 8 Maids is meant to support and nourish your body, and is not a substitute for knowledgeable and compassionate breastfeeding support if you are experiencing difficulties. Brew yourself a cuppa 8 Maids, breathe deep and remember that you are doing your best and are more than enough just as you are. Then reach out to a lactation specialist or peer community who can help you address any potential underlying issues which may be affecting your supply and your ability to reach your breastfeeding goals in a way you can feel good about.

Eight Maids 60g contains the organic/wildcrafted Ingredients: honeybush, oatstraw, red raspberry leaf, alfalfa, goats rue, nettle, blessed thistle, fennel. 

Not recommended for use during pregnancy. 

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