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Glow Grains 80g

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Dull flaky skin? Cleansing grains are the answer! They can be used with water or any skin loving liquid on makeup free skin, or in combination with your favorite cleanser to gently polish away dead dull skin and let your face glow. They can also be used as a mask.

Pink Glow Grains are suitable for all skin types, can be used daily if needed, and are especially well matched for those with sensitive or average to dry skin. Pink Glow Grains are made of french pink clay and the loveliest combination of skin nourishing organic botanicals including calendula, chickweed, maca, flax, and others.

Charcoal Glow Grains are designed with oily or congested skin types in mind and are best used as needed 1-3x a week. They are made with food grade bentonite clay and organic botanicals known to gently brighten and tone skin including rose petals, chamomile, maca, and of course food grade activated charcoal.