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Light My Fire Tea 60g

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One crisp Fall evening, I had a craving for something sweet'ish with a hint of spice. I whipped up an early version of this tea and loved it so much I started drinking it nightly. A few weeks later I realized that this blend wasn't just tasty, it was a tea friend with benefits ;)

Light My Fire is made to light your inner fire and nourish your sexy spirit. 

Organic/Wildcrafted Ingredients: oatstraw, honeybush, ginger, cinnamon, maca root powder.

Important Notes:
If pre-existing conditions, sensitivities, allergies, or medical concerns etc exist, please research the suitability of this product/the ingredients for your needs before use, and also discontinue use if any concerns arise along the way, consulting a trusted professional as needed. 

While I have chosen the ingredients in this formula with intention based on their various properties, I can't say that the products I make carry specific properties or that their use will result in any specific outcome, as my products have not been clinically tested and don't meet the legal requirements for me to make any claims of efficacy.

My products are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease but rather, to nurture and support with love and plant magic, your body's own innate healing process.

Hedgecraft Herbals products are free from the ACDS 100 core allergens, including all added essential oils and added preservatives. Shelf life under ideal conditions is typically 6+ months but this *will* vary depending on both storage and usage conditions.