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Lip Bliss Balm

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Nourish & protect your lips from dryness with natural moisture that lasts without being sticky, greasy, or cloying.

Free of essential oils, harsh ingredients, and synthetics, LipBliss can also do double duty for dry nipples when nursing or pumping, dry cuticles from all the handwashing we're doing these days, or even diaper cream in a pinch!

Now made with jojoba oil for additional deep moisture, and available in an eco-friendly reusable tin that holds 50% more than a standard lipbalm tube (4.5mL) 

Organic* Ingredients: shea butter*, beeswax*, camellia seed oil*, castor oil*, cocoa butter*, jojoba oil*, argan oil*.

Important Notes:
When using a new topical skin care product, performing a patch test is wise, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

If pre-existing medical concerns or allergies exist, please research the suitability of this product/the ingredients for your needs, and discontinue use if any concerns arise, consulting a trusted professional as needed. 

While I have chosen the herbals in this formula with intention, I can't say that the products I make carry specific properties as they have not been tested as such and don't meet the legal requirements for me to make any claims of efficacy.

My products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease but rather, to nurture and support with love and plant magic, your body's own innate healing ability.

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