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Red Tent Blend: Menstrual Cycle Support

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There was a time when women had a space to breathe, to be, to bleed each month. It was called the Red Tent. Today our busy modern pace doesn't easily allow for such intentional and cyclical living but our body still craves it at a womb & soul level. We feel in our bones the need to turn inwards when we bleed, to let go of what isn't serving us, and to rest. 

While actual red tents are just a dream for many and were reserved for women, Red Tent tea offers a small piece of that place to all monthly bleeders. When your monthly bleed begins, brew a cuppa Red Tent, sit with it in your favorite comfy clothes or take it with you to go. In any case, each sip brings a moment of quiet comfort as your body cleanses itself and a new cycle begins. 


Red Tent is designed to support and nourish the body during menstruation.

Organic/Wildcrafted Looseleaf Ingredients:
chamomile, dandelion leaf & root, ginger root, motherwort, oatstraw, red raspberry leaf, skullcap, yarrow.

*Traditionally considered to be safe during breastfeeding*

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