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Intention Bottle Kits

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Sometimes, spirituality, and 'manifesting' are tricky to get our heads and hearts around. My Intention Bottle kits have been created to cut through the complications and bring you straight to your own heart. 

Whatever you want to call it - Intention. Prayer. Sankalpa. Spell - these delightful little bottles are a powerful and tangible way to give focus to your hopes, dreams, and deepest most heart-driven desires. Place it on a home altar,  window ledge, a shelf where you'll see it often, or even tuck it in your purse or pocket to carry with you through your day.

Each Kit contains a glass bottle with carefully chosen herbs and crystals, a bay leaf, a locally sourced Canadian beeswax tealight, a meditation created by me personally, and of course instructions for using your bottle. 

The three themes currently available are Love, Hope, and Surrender. These themes are by no means meant to limit you, but rather, they serve as a starting point for your own intentions and prayers. The real 'magic' lies not in the contents, but in your own heart and soul <3.

If you would like a custom bottle created for you, this is available for an additional service fee by selecting "Custom" from the menu below. Those who choose a Custom bottle will receive a brief form to complete outlining what their desired intention is, and requesting information such as date of birth (for use in exploring kundalini numerology and moon phases, which I use to inform what items I include in your bottle). Custom bottles are slightly larger than the premade bottles.

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