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Stink Balm

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I made my first natural deodorant years ago, when they were difficult to find and what was available was either out of my budget or not up to my standards for clean ingredients.  Now there are dozens of 'natural' deodorants to choose from with a huge variety online, and you can even find some in big box stores.

So why keep making Stink Balm? It isn't my top-selling product and it doesn't work for everyone (no natural deodorant does due to our unique body chemistry's). BUT when I started looking for a comparable product - - no essential oils. no baking soda. no harsh or synthetic ingredients - - I couldn't find one!  And I know I'm not the only one with these needs, sooo Stink Balm stays in my collection of handcrafted organic body care products.

This premium deodorant balm gently reduces odour and absorbs wetness without blocking pores, while replenishing and nourishing the skin. Stink Balm does not contain baking soda as it can disrupt the delicate pH of your skin. It also does not contain any essential oils, making it suitable for scent-free environments and those who are highly sensitive. 

But what if it doesn't work for YOU?
It won't go to waste! You can use Stink Balm on feet, bottoms, or anywhere you need a little deodorizing skin love.

Organic*/Wildcrafted Ingredients: coconut oil*, cocoa butter*, plantain*, rosemary*, and lemon* infused sunflower oil*, beeswax*, bentonite clay, arrowroot powder*

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